About Us

We are coaches, sports coordinators, volunteers, and active members of the Dallas, Oregon community;
Simply put, we love sports and we love to give back. 
When we heard the adult recreation was getting cut, we decided we have too much fun playing sports to let it go. 
So... one cold Super Bowl evening, we decided we can do this.
DORI was born.

The objective of DORI is to provide an opportunity for the Dallas, OR community members to participate in recreational events.
To maintain a strong community, we will foster amateur sport competitions;
and charitable purposes, such as lessening neighborhood tensions, eliminating prejudice and discrimination, 
and combating community deterioration by providing healthy living activities.

The DORI Board of Directors

Shaun Bready

Shaun graduated from the Oregon Institute of Technology where he ran the intramural sports program through 2010. Shaun moved to Dallas in 2014 with his wife Libby and has three girls Paetyn, Piper, and Evangeline. He has been an active volunteer coach in Dallas Basketball Association, Kids Inc, and previously coach basketball at Dallas High School.

Jeff Hevener
Vice President

Jeff has lived in Dallas since 2005 with his wife Jaime, daughter Karia, and son Karson. He has been an active volunteer coach with Kids Inc and Pop Warner. He also has been the youth football coordinator for flag football, Kids Inc, and Pop Warner. Jeff currently serves as the President of the Dallas Quarterback Club

Megan Beyer
Special Event Coordinator

Megan entered the world in 1985 to her home, Dallas. In 2012 she met her husband Matt, 4 years later they had their son Eli! Megan has been involved in many athletic activities in Dallas throughout her life. The last 3 years she volunteered coaching with a 3 to 6 yr old camp called Mighty Mites. She has also volunteered her time coaching basketball, volleyball, and softball at the middle school level, and from 2007-16  she coached volleyball, basketball, and softball at Dallas High School

Jaime Hevener

Jaime has lived in Dallas since 2005 with her very handsome husband Jeff, Daughter Karia, and son Karson. She has been an active volunteer with Kids Inc, Pop Warner, and has served as a coordinator for Dallas Pop Warner Cheer

Trinity Butler
Volleyball Coordinator

Trinity moved to Dallas in 2015. She married her wonderful husband Matt in 2016. She has a 5th grade daughter Lily and 2nd grade son Bradley. Last year was her first year volunteering as a coach for kids Inc. Volleyball and plans to continue helping out with that program for as long as possible. Volleyball has always been her passion. Trinity became an employee of Whitworth Elementary in 2017 and is excited to be a part of this wonderful town

Drew Reinhardt
Softball Coordinator

Drew grew up in Turner Oregon and attended Cascade High School. He went to Western Oregon University where he joined the track team and met his wife, Jen. They have been married for 12 years and have 2 children, Jaci 7, and Brad 4. Drew is a Math Teacher and has played Soccer and Golf, and threw the Javelin during high school and college.

Jenn Reinhardt
Officer/Voting Member

Jenn was a 2 time All-American Hammer Thrower.

Nuff said.

Do you have questions? Want to be a sponsor? Contact us at DallasOrRec@gmail.com